Acupuncture as a treatment for Sciatica

treat Sciatica pain,

Sciatica is a form of nerve inflammation and can be extremely painful as those unfortunate enough to experience this type of pain

known all too well! Some women who have had childbirth pain and Sciatica swear that Sciatica pain is possibly worse than

childbirth pain, as hard as that is to believe.

Once you experience this on-going incapacitating pain finding relief is very important whether you are located in Jacksonville, Florida or

not find your local acupuncture therapist nearby. Sciatica can be one of the most debilitating conditions facing anyone and getting a

proper regime of treatment will make all the difference in a quality pain-free life.

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Sciatica has several potential underlying causes, finding the root cause of this is what a trained acupuncturist will find and evaluate the causes, cover this the primary method to treat it. Reversing severe back pain, hip pain, leg or feet tension can be unimaginable on those nerves, patients usually report having an emotional experience, releasing the built up pressure, restoring your bodies natural energy flow will.

Severe cases of Sciatica patients report feeling an “electric shock” feeling shooting down their hip or leg and may even cause a
person suffering to lose balance and even fall down which could lead to serious injury especially in seniors.
Learning to always use correct posture can alleviate and prevent Sciatica but also applying a regular stretching and proper diet an exercise.

Acupuncture by Dr. China in Jacksonville, Fl can provide that needed break from pain


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