Acupuncture for Sprains

Acupuncture for Sprains or other injuries to soft tissues

Traditional Chinese medicine treats Sprains as a form of blocked blood flow, explaining the

bruising and swelling that accompanies most Sprains. The first priority is to get the blood and

energy flowing so as to restore proper circulation and thus promote healing.

Thus suffering in the Jacksonville FL area from the pain and trauma of a recent sports injury or

sprain can rest assured that Dr. China knows just the right Acupuncture and traditional Chinese

medicine treatments to best heal the sprain and return to normal function as soon as possible.

Sometimes the opposite side of the body is treated instead of the actual injury itself. For example

if the right ankle were so severely sprained as to be too painful for the needles, a trained

acupuncturists may treat the left foot which can actually create the injury to the right foot to

begin healing rapidly as normal circulation returns after treatment.

Regardless of whether your Sprain or other soft tissue damage was caused through a sport

injury, work accident or just clumsiness… Dr. China is the Acupuncturist to look for the answer

to healing sprains in Duval County Florida.


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