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M. D. Jinsong Tian’s Acupuncture Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Fire Cupping Treatment – Healing Clinic Jacksonville, Flordia Call 904-294-4930
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Acupuncture in conjunction with traditional Chinese medicine is a time-tested holistic-health or alternative medicine treatment method for hundreds of diseases, ailments and pains. Since introduction to western culture, acupuncture has become one of the most proven and fastest forms of ”alternative” medicine, preventive medicine, ”holistic health-management.” The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute

Acupuncture training program
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Training Program Acupuncture training program – Provided for licensed acupuncturists or MDs only. Trainees are allowed to follow our (TCM) Doctor during business hours to learn traditional acupuncture skills during a half year period.  The fee is $5000 Call for training availability 904-294-4930   Please follow and like us:

10 Reasons Why Acupuncture is Amazing
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Invigorates your body. Part of the job of a acupuncturist is to invigorate the body’s blood flow again. Alot of times we see people who do not maintain their health properly sitting for long periods of time, not exercising, not eating properly this all has a physical mental and emotional effect on your body. 2.

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